Healed through Church—at home

Recently, while playing with my young son, I accidentally got hit twice in the throat. In addition to the immediate pain, I had trouble breathing and felt an uncomfortable sensation in my windpipe.

I was able to just sit still and, as it was a Wednesday evening, call in to the online testimony meeting offered by my local Church of Christ, Scientist. I had a strong, clear sense that I would be healed by the power of Church.

Well, it was a lovely service, but when it was over, I was sad to realize that I was still in pain. I turned to God in prayer and asked what to do next. I immediately felt a calm, comforting divine presence, and a clear thought came to me: “Church isn’t over.”

The first part of the spiritual definition of Church given in the Glossary of Mary Baker Eddy’s book Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures came to mind as well: “The structure of Truth and Love” (p. 583). Truth and Love, as capitalized here and throughout Mrs. Eddy’s writings, are synonyms for God. The structure of God—infinite, timeless, all-harmonious Love and Truth—is ever present.

For the past year, many churches around the world haven’t had in-person services because of health regulations regarding public spaces. But it’s been lovely to see how the presence and power of true Church has been unchanged. It still helps us tangibly feel God’s love. I’ve also been really appreciating a growing grasp of Church as not confined to a specific physical space.

That evening, I began to realize that “the structure of Truth and Love” is also independent of time. If Truth and Love are infinite—which is the very nature of God—then the healing power of Church must reflect that infinitude. The truths conveyed in uplifting sermons, the compelling Bible narratives and teachings, and the Science underlying those truths and the heartfelt testimonies of Christian Science healing—these do not expire at the end of a church service. I didn’t have to stop bearing witness to Truth just because the service had ended!

A deep calm and assurance pervaded my thought. Before I went to bed that evening, I felt so grateful that both my son and I express Truth and Love. Nothing about any of God’s children can be injured or out of place. Nor can any child of God be a means of harm or discord. A flawless spiritual structure is flawless in every aspect.

That was one of the most peaceful nights I have ever had. In the morning, when I awoke, there was still some slight discomfort, but I knew the healing—the revealing of what God, good, is doing—was uninterrupted. Within an hour, my voice was clear and strong, and there was no more pain.

I am very grateful for this proof of the power and activity of Truth and Love in maintaining health!

John Biggs 
Maryland Heights, Missouri, US

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