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Where can we start in recognizing our genuine (if yet unrecognized) character? I’ve found that it begins with gaining a stronger, clearer understanding of who and what God is.
Keeping Watch
Jesus wanted to know only what God knew. He wanted to see only what God saw. We, too, can experience healing or saving when we have these desires.
Keeping Watch
Through understanding the supremacy of God and our divine right to overcome illness, including this pandemic, we can prove the sheer rightness—indeed the sheer all-powerful reality—of harmony, including health and holiness.
Keeping Watch
God’s blessing isn’t something up in the sky, a rarefied goodness that you can get only if you’re a bit of a saint. It’s here. It’s genuine. It’s solid. And it has expression in a way that makes sense to us at this moment.
Every time I express gratitude I feel closer to God.
Testimony of Healing
It was a lovely service, but when it was over, I was sad to realize that I was still in pain. I turned to God in prayer and asked what to do next. I immediately felt a calm, comforting divine presence, and a clear thought came to me: “Church isn’t over.”
Testimony of Healing
There is no place we can be and nothing we can be doing where God is not in charge.
Testimony of Healing

Flu symptoms gone

Within roughly ten minutes of my opening my Bible, the symptoms completely vanished, and I was able to work without further discomfort. 
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