Quick healing after a fall

I experienced a healing many years ago that was so immediate and complete that it strongly impressed upon me the healing efficacy of Christian Science. 

I was carrying two armfuls of groceries from my car to my apartment one evening when I tripped on the top step of some steep concrete steps leading from the parking area. Because my arms were full of groceries, I could not use my hands to help break my fall, and my full weight came down on one knee, which caught the edge of the top step. My back foot twisted underneath me and slipped off the second step. It felt as though I had sprained my ankle and either twisted or sprained my knee. Groceries went everywhere.

My first thought was, “Just what I need—a bum knee and a bum ankle at the same time!” I was working as a department foreman in a manufacturing plant where I was on my feet and moving constantly ten to twelve hours per day, including many trips up and down a long flight of stairs to my office. I would be severely hampered in my job if I could not walk easily.

Immediately, however, I shifted my thought to an article I had recently read in one of the Christian Science periodicals. It asked the question “Who’s in charge here?” The essence of the article was a reminder that God is infinite, All, and therefore the only Mind, the only substance, the only power, and the only reality. In Truth, there is no place we can be and nothing we can be doing where God is not in charge. God is Love, and lovingly looks after His children.

As I thought about these truths, I started picking up my groceries. I was still thinking about them when, about twenty feet from my front door, I realized I was perfectly fine. There was no pain or stiffness—not even a scratch.

I have always been grateful for this evidence that Truth heals. I am also grateful for the Christian Science periodicals, which provide so many inspired perspectives that help us better understand and apply the healing Science Mary Baker Eddy discovered and laid out for us in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.

Tom Davidson
Grafton, Illinois, US

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