Tenacious trouble with shoulder gone

Christian healing is natural. It is what we can expect as we go through life living, moving, and having our being in God (see Acts 17:28). Last year, however, I began to feel that maybe there were some things that couldn’t be healed. I knew this wasn’t consistent with the divine Science that Christ Jesus taught and demonstrated and that I had learned about in Christian Science class instruction.

One morning, I woke up with my shoulder feeling strange. I couldn’t move my arm normally. I couldn’t lift anything heavy or even raise my arm in certain directions. I did a little bit of praying, but I was on a trip and just hoped the problem would go away quickly. It didn’t go away quickly—or even slowly. I got really frustrated at what felt like a tenacious condition. I couldn’t join my niece in cartwheels, get dressed easily, or do my hair. 

I decided I would work on expressing grace and really check my thinking to see whether I was being impatient or was actually expecting healing. Each time the arm bothered me, I thought about the fact that this was not physical, but was a mental suggestion, a temptation to feel helpless and hurt. I could push back against temptation and fear with the authority of God’s truth of the ever-presence of harmony and health. I knew that Christian Science heals, having experienced wonderful healings when my thought had shifted from fear and fixation on pain to a fresh focus on God’s power and love. These healings had filled me with joy and gratitude. But now I didn’t seem able to focus my prayers or see progress.

During this time, I heard testimonies by two individuals who’d had healings of a similar condition through Christian Science treatment, and one had been instantaneous. That briefly added to my frustration. It took grace to move past impatience.

But I soon realized that if I wasn’t making progress even while certain that Christian Science heals, I should call a Christian Science practitioner for help through prayer. And I realized that the spiritual breakthrough could still be quick, no matter how long this had been going on. Spiritual inspiration inevitably leads to healing. Asking for treatment from a practitioner gave my prayers a new impetus. I saw clearly that the trouble with my shoulder couldn’t be a permanent condition. In fact, it was an imposition because, to quote Paul in the Bible, “I was free born” (Acts 22:28). I kept coming back to this amazing truth. I thought about the idea of being “free born” until I really felt it and could say it with authority. God created me to express Him in a multitude of ways, and that couldn’t be limited. 

Over a few weeks, I began to notice that my arm naturally went higher and higher, as needed, until one day I found myself waving goodbye to my daughter with my arm over my head. That week I loaded a 50-lb bag of dog food into my shopping cart by myself—twice, because it slipped off the cart the first time. Instead of being frustrated, I was walking on air! I was so grateful to be able to lift the bag painlessly as many times as it took. And since that day, I’ve continued to lift whatever I need to lift with joy and gratitude.

I love Christian Science healing because it doesn’t leave us where it finds us. We’re not just healed; we’re filled with joy at the views of God’s goodness that come with the healing. 

Thank you, God.

Kathryn Thompson
Grafton, Illinois, US

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