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True resilience is grounded in the spiritual fact that God is our divine Parent, who has bestowed grace and favor upon each of us because each of God’s children is precious in His sight. 

Leveling wealth with honesty

I was not being honest with myself. I knew the farm was not my right place, but I stayed there because I believed it was the fastest route to wealth and success.
My class assignment, rather than exposing me as an academic fraud, helped me see that it is the Mind that is God that provides inspiration, order, and clarity of thought. 

My prayer of “Yes”

A commitment to look for and say yes to the good, to the light, fueled my effort to know the truth about what I am.
TeenConnect: Your Healings

Scared to fly?

In that moment in the air, I realized this was an opportunity to have another healing experience by praying.

New Year

Enjoy this week’s poetic offering.
Testimony of Healing
I realized that the spiritual breakthrough could still be quick, no matter how long this had been going on. Spiritual inspiration inevitably leads to healing.
Testimony of Healing
I did my best to constantly redirect my thinking away from preoccupation with what might happen and back to the present moment, keeping things simple and just cherishing God’s present care.
Testimony of Healing
Was I going to let a limited, material view of the employment situation bring me down with discouragement, jealousy, and self-pity, or was I going to take a spiritual view and trust that God meets every need abundantly? 
Bible Lens


Peter declares that with Christ Jesus’ advent, salvation is available to all believers. 

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