Leveling wealth with honesty

When wealth is measured spiritually, real worth and value become apparent.

If you were asked the question, “How wealthy are you?” what might come to mind? Would it be how much money you have in the bank or property you own, the quantity and worth of your material possessions? Or would it be the quality of life you’re living, the love you are experiencing, the happiness and joy found in your home, the character of your work, and the spiritual-mindedness you enjoy?

It’s a common temptation to measure wealth in material terms and to believe that the more money you have, the richer you are. But there is far more to wealth than what can be deposited in a bank account or recorded on a balance sheet. Someone with lots of money may still feel a sense of lack, while someone with little money may feel rich with love, joy, and abounding health. 

An academic fraud? No way!
December 27, 2021

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