Seeing the “God of justice”

Over a period of a few days in 2020, I noticed I was seeing dizzying flashes of light at night and hovering fuzziness out of one eye during the day.

I remembered that my husband had complained of a similar condition several months before when he said he felt something was interfering with his sight. I encouraged him to shut his eyes and pray with the twenty-third Psalm. I then immediately prayed to know what was true about his being in God—that he was a spiritual idea, not a mortal being in an imperfect and aging material body, separated from his divine Principle, God. I earnestly stayed with these truths, and he dozed for about half an hour, and then got up and said he felt fine. There was no recurrence, and until I experienced something similar, I had completely forgotten about this.

Testimony of Healing
Two Christmas healings
December 13, 2021

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