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When we think and act with any of the beautiful qualities that Jesus so fully lived, we will have a Christmas full of Christ.

Christmas and a world made new

As we allow the Christ to turn our thoughts toward God, we discover that everything takes on a new, spiritual hue.

Why a manger?

Understanding that our purpose is to glorify God enables us, in a modest way, to prepare the way for a new Christ-inspired idea to appear and bless.
Enjoy this poem inspired by the story of Christmas.
I needed to find a higher meaning of Christmas—the celebration of Christ’s appearing rather than the activity of seasonal festivities and family traditions.
Being childlike is not being childish—it’s not about a lack of maturity. It’s about our receptivity to good and refusal to allow skeptical tendencies to crush out a recognition of the presence of divine Love, good, in our lives.
One of the reasons they were giving gifts was that the Bible says, “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). So, instead of Christmas being just about getting gifts, it was important to give them, too.
Testimony of Healing
I was ready to dismiss the false claim of imperfect vision (and anxious, worried, fearful thoughts) separate from Mind’s, God’s, own infinite, perfect, coherent plan, and to trust that God will and always does govern.
Testimony of Healing

Two Christmas healings

I suddenly understood that the birth of Jesus was clear evidence that Christian Science heals. In other words, Jesus appeared in the flesh to prove that everyone’s true, spiritual identity can be understood right now and that this spiritual understanding leads to healing.
Testimony of Healing

Motion sickness healed

Suddenly I was aware of the immensity of the kingdom of heaven. I felt its presence here and now, and I realized there was no other power. Immediately the nausea began to fade.
Bible Lens
Numbering the stars was seen as demonstrating complete sovereignty over the cosmos.
Bible Lens

Christian Science

God makes His glory known in the presence of the Christ.

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