Head injury healed

During a college Christmas break, I was on a road trip from Texas to Colorado with my fiancé and a friend. During a heavy rainstorm, our car hit a sheet of water on the highway and spun out of control. A truck pulling a trailer hit the passenger side of the car in the back, where I was sleeping with my head against the window. My vague memory of the crash is of exclamations from the front seat and a general sense of spinning, along with crashing noises. I remember turning to God.

I woke up very calm in an ambulance. A paramedic who looked very serious was asking me my name and how many fingers she was holding up. I was strapped tightly to a stretcher, so I wasn’t sure whether I could move. I wanted to ask if my fiancé and friend were OK, but I’d seen enough movies and TV to know all the potential worst-case scenarios that might come as answers to those questions. So, instead I just kept silent and prayed, choosing not to look to the material situation for information, but to God. I focused on acknowledging God’s goodness, presence, and power. I stayed very calm. 

Testimony of Healing
Healed of back pain
November 8, 2021

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