Head injury healed

During a college Christmas break, I was on a road trip from Texas to Colorado with my fiancé and a friend. During a heavy rainstorm, our car hit a sheet of water on the highway and spun out of control. A truck pulling a trailer hit the passenger side of the car in the back, where I was sleeping with my head against the window. My vague memory of the crash is of exclamations from the front seat and a general sense of spinning, along with crashing noises. I remember turning to God.

I woke up very calm in an ambulance. A paramedic who looked very serious was asking me my name and how many fingers she was holding up. I was strapped tightly to a stretcher, so I wasn’t sure whether I could move. I wanted to ask if my fiancé and friend were OK, but I’d seen enough movies and TV to know all the potential worst-case scenarios that might come as answers to those questions. So, instead I just kept silent and prayed, choosing not to look to the material situation for information, but to God. I focused on acknowledging God’s goodness, presence, and power. I stayed very calm. 

When we got to the hospital and they put the gurney with me on it in a room, I kept praying. I decided not to try and see if I was able to move. As I recall, I didn’t even try to wiggle a finger. I was just going to pray and wait till I needed to move, and I confidently expected that then I simply would, because I was under God’s law, the law of freedom. I was not going to ask if my fiancé or friend had survived; I was just going to trust in divine Love, God. As I was trusting Love’s care for me, I would also trust Love’s care for them.

The whole experience progressed very harmoniously. In just a little while, my fiancé and friend bustled into the room, eager to see me. Soon after, the medical professionals unstrapped me, and I sat up, then stood up. I had glass and blood in my hair, but felt no pain.

My mother told me later that as soon as she’d hung up after speaking with my fiancé, she called a Christian Science practitioner to pray for me. My fiancé also prayed for me, and our immediate prayers were very simple. He said that as the crash happened I sat straight up and said, “God, God, God, God, God, God,” before passing out. When he pulled me from the car, he couldn’t wake me, so he sat in the rain, holding me and repeating, “God is here. God is here. God is here.” This was before cellphones, but when he was able to reach my mom, they kept affirming to each other that I was all right because God was caring for me.

Our friend had an aunt and uncle in town who were Christian Scientists, and they kindly offered to take us in for the night. I was so grateful for the provision of a loving home with a mental atmosphere that was supportive and healing. The doctors had told me not to sleep for a while, because they were concerned about possible effects often associated with a head injury. So in the few hours remaining that night after we arrived at our friend’s relatives’ house and I had washed the blood and glass out of my hair, I rested but avoided going to sleep.

The next day we were driven to the junkyard to fetch our stuff from the car, which had been totaled. My fiancé and I decided it would be wiser for me to not fill my mind with images of the wrecked car, since it was pretty crushed, and the worst damage had happened to the part of the car I’d been in. So, I just waited for him, being grateful for God’s goodness. My mom arrived soon after, and we began the many-hour drive back to her house. 

My one lingering hesitation was that maybe I still shouldn’t go to sleep. But my mom talked to me calmly and quietly as she drove, assuring me that God’s child was perfect—that I was perfect and could go to sleep if I wanted to. As all the truths she shared sank in, I placed my reliance completely on God and stopped this last bit of worrying about what human beliefs might say about the situation.

I am so grateful for God’s provision and protection for all of us—those of us in the car and the truck and everyone else on the highway, as no one else was hurt. This happened over thirty years ago, and there have been no negative effects.

Christianne Foster Lupher
Austin, Texas, US 

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November 8, 2021

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