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From the readers

[Susan Booth Mack Snipes, “Untangling feelings of loss,” Sentinel, July 13, 2020]
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Acting in the living present meant I didn’t need to let the memory of uncontrollable fear run across my mental screen. 

Seeking safety in a storm

We acknowledged God’s presence and love right with us.
The divine law of abundant supply is universally available to be discerned and applied, and is operating for us all. 

Spiritual truth brings restoration

No matter what situation we may find ourselves in, God’s help is always at hand.
Rather than feeling that I needed to try to fix the situation, I began to feel assured that we are always safe and guided by God. 
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The only thing she and her sister had in common were their constant disagreements. But this author had a desire to think and act differently, and one day that prayer was answered in a totally unexpected way.
Testimony of Healing
I’d like to share a healing that occurred two years ago.
Testimony of Healing
I would like to give gratitude for an instantaneous healing I had many years ago.
Testimony of Healing
One night a couple of years ago I was driving on a four-lane highway.

Divine all-presence

I am with you—hereand I hear yoube not afraidwith Me you cannot fail or fallI am with you—and with them—even thereand I will help yoube not dismayedI am with you—and with allfor I am Love, loving alland I will lift and comfort every one everywhere.

Room to grow

A man ran to Jesus, kneeled,and asked what he should doto inherit eternal life.
To consistently give prayerful consent to divine reality is to stand for all humanity’s right to freedom, fulfillment, and equality.
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