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Light of Love

From the October 12, 2020 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

Overwhelming, irresistible, luminous light Light of Love Light of God Light of Christ Is this what Saul saw on his way to Damascus? Is this what cleansed his heart?    his life?       his purpose? Light so bright it expunges all wrong Dissolves hatred    willfulness       prejudice Destroys doubt    melts hardness       erases self-righteousness  Overwhelms with goodness Inspires a new name Like Saul (who was also called Paul) we can see God’s glory shine over all    revealing all color       form          beauty              holiness We can be illumined by Truth    cleansed by Love       bathed in goodness Be inspired by Mind    strengthened by Spirit       renewed by Life          guided by Principle Blessed by Soul Heavenly brightness    enlightening all  Light of Christ Light of God Light of Love — Francesca Jordan Karpel.