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From the readers

I would like to express my appreciation to everyone working on the Christian Science periodicals.
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Continuing The Conversation
Dear Reader,

Anger does not win

There is not a spot in this universe or a single heart that can’t be reached by God’s healing love.
It’s important to recognize the fullness, the richness, the trustworthiness of divine promises.
I began to value all I did know: that God is infinite, and that we have limitless access to good.
God would provide us with “green pastures” to live in.
How I Found Christian Science
 About ten years ago, not a single month passed without my being treated for pneumonia in hospital.
Kids' Video

A psalm for you

To listen and sing along to this song visit christianscience.
Testimony of Healing
During the 1960s period of the Vietnam War, I was a graduate student living with a group of other grad students and involved in political protests, wild parties, and frequent use of alcohol.
Testimony of Healing
Several months ago I was around a person who showed signs of a cold, including a persistent cough.
Testimony of Healing

Diagnosed ulcers healed

In 2017, several months after my wife and I started attending Christian Science services, she began suffering from ulcers.

Light of Love

Love lived corrects unjust policies, actions, and behaviors.
Bible Lens

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