Two healings at summer camp

Last summer, I made my yearly trip to a camp for Christian Scientists. I was excited to see my friends and to have fun, but during the first week, my right ankle began hurting. The hurt didn’t go away, so I decided to have a chat with the camp’s Christian Science practitioner before bed one night. As we talked, a couple of tidbits stood out to me. I remember her saying that I couldn’t fall out of God’s arms, which made sense because I’ve learned in the Christian Science Sunday School that God is always everywhere and all around me, so I can’t ever fall out of His loving care. 

I also learned that since God can’t hurt, neither can I. To me this meant that since I am God’s reflection, I can only be the image of what God is. God is always 100 percent good and perfect, so I have to be, too. 

Testimony of Healing
‘Walking, and leaping, and praising God’
August 5, 2019

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