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I love Susan Booth Mack Snipes’s article, “Agenda-free prayer” in the May 13, 2019, Sentinel.
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Dear Reader,

Go vertical!

Because of the unyielding nature of the injury, I realized I needed to go higher in my prayers.
We are as free as our thoughts are free, and this mental liberty brings healing
The all-powerful love of God rolls away the thought-stones that would block our faith in prayer.
The truth that God is divine Mind gets to the crux of mental health.

The power of prayer to heal

My prayer to feel God’s goodness governing my life was answered.
TeenConnect: Your Healings
This high school sophomore felt ready for his school trip—rafting the rapids in Idaho. Then, just days before his departure, he faced an even bigger challenge: illness, which threatened to keep him from the trip. Read on to find out what brought healing just in time.
Testimony of Healing
I woke up one day feeling some symptoms of a cold or the flu.
Testimony of Healing

Hip pain healed

Soon after I retired several years ago, I began experiencing pain in my left hip.
Testimony of Healing
One day around lunchtime my young daughter, Gracie, was very tired and began to feel warm.


Long dry spell … little inspiration … few healings …    a whole lot of turmoil … a DROUGHT.
Christian healing was not unique to Christ Jesus—it is universally available as a practical help today as it was two thousand years ago.
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