We helped with our church’s Christian Science lecture!

Our church, First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Beverly, Massachusetts, gave a Christian Science lecture at our town library. People come together to listen to a Christian Science lecture so they can understand more about Christian Science and its Founder, Mary Baker Eddy. A lecture is a way to help people learn about Christ Jesus, how to experience healing through Christian Science, and how to pray.

We knew one of the things the lecturer was going to talk about was childlike qualities that come from God, and how God made us to express those qualities. One Sunday before the lecture, our whole Sunday School stayed after class to make a list of all the childlike qualities we could think of. We thought of 54! And even talked about what they mean.

Sandrina: “We looked up a word that Mary Baker Eddy used to describe children. It was tractable. I had never heard that word before, but I learned that it means ‘easy to teach.’ ”

Beatrice: “It was very helpful for kids and grown-ups to know that we can all express childlike qualities. Sometimes other kids seem mean, but Christian Science helps us see that childlike qualities from God are real, not the meanness.”

MacArthur: “My favorite quality is ‘kindness.’ ”

Harrison: “My favorite quality is ‘helpful,’ because
I like to be helpful with my new baby sister.”

Hazel: “I like ‘active.’ I’m active.”

Sandy: “I like ‘honest.’ ”

After we talked about the qualities, we had the idea to make a poster board with flowers. Each


petal of the flowers had a quality written on it. We had more petals than flowers! So we put those up, too. Then we filled four baskets with flower petals with childlike qualities written on them, and we passed them out after the lecture to all the people who came.

We had fun learning more about how we can all express childlike qualities every day. And we loved helping people in our community learn more about Christian Science!

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