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in Love embraced

From the March 25, 2019 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

in the sacred stillness of hope like a bird at the window wondering what might be found within we will find the loved one we lost with substance faithfully defined in the allness of Mind  in the earnest seeking of patiently perched thought we begin to ask the right questions not based on an appearance of loss but a simple desire to grow to understand, to know  in the quiet longing of early morning humility which like a sheltered nestling, waits— the divine Spirit that knows all reveals Life’s immortal essence unequivocal presence  then in the silent prayer of faith, as sound waves carry bird songs and yet remain unseen, divine Love in a rhythm our ready hearts can hear brings an answer clear and as fear is conquered and finally destroyed Love lifts the grief and fills the seeming void  on the wings of this divine giving we perceive our loved one spiritually living safe in the ever-present Mind the forever home of healing grace, never lost or consumed or accidentally misplaced but purposeful permanent in Love embraced — Katie Grigg-Miller.