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From the readers

[Liz Butterfield Wallingford, “Getting beyond knee-jerk reactions,” Sentinel, February 4, 2019]
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I was increasingly trusting God as never before.
I’ve been guided by the example of Christ Jesus, whose prayers recognized God’s power.

Tired of lies?

I could see that the foundation of all human misery is the lie saying there is a reality other than Spirit, God.
Everyone can feel joy and make a difference through honoring God and doing good.
From Teens
I didn’t need to let fear or panic take over, because I had the power of God, Spirit, on my side.
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Alone on a dark street, this young woman seemed to be a prime target for an assault. But right in the moment when she seemed most vulnerable, a clear message from God broke through her fear and helped her find safety.
Testimony of Healing

Freedom from flu symptoms

It has been my morning routine for many years, before my head ever leaves the pillow, to say, “Thank you, God, for this beautiful day! Today is the day that God made, and I will be glad and rejoice in it.
Testimony of Healing
One day my mother and I made a trip to a nearby city to run some errands.
Testimony of Healing

No more nightmares

Chronic nightmares were something that had haunted my sleep for as long as I could remember.
Testimony of Healing
Several months ago I went to a government office in the country where I live in order to obtain a document for my younger sister.

in Love embraced

in the sacred stillness of hopelike a bird at the windowwondering what might be found withinwe will find the loved one we lostwith substance faithfully definedin the allness of Mind 
The onlyness and allness of God, Spirit, is the central certainty of all of our lives.
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