Renewal and healing in my life

There have been many occasions when I’ve experienced healing from quiet moments of communion with God. 

For instance, early last year I began having intermittent pain in one ear, especially when I was chewing. I was tempted to fear that my prayers would not be sufficient to meet this challenge, but I endeavored to listen more closely to God for divine Love’s healing ideas. Eventually I realized that for months I had been preoccupied with asking God for the human answers I felt I needed to guide my career, rather than truly listening to—and being guided by—the divine Mind, or one intelligence, that sees and blesses all. The willingness to yield to Mind’s ideas moment by moment involved giving up personal views of how my career should unfold and trusting God’s plan for me. When wanting to know and do God’s will became the motive of my prayers, the pain dissolved. And I was blessed at my job, too, as my manager offered me a more suitable way to advance through improving my performance.

Testimony of Healing
Sudden foot pain quickly healed
March 18, 2019

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