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From the readers

Do you remember a turning point?
On the web: The following JSH-Online.
Our prayers for government will be most effective, most aligned with Truth, when we keep politics and opinions out of them.
Struggling gave way to earnest striving as I began to know more of my spiritual nature.
We are never helpless over how we think.
Love never lets us leave things unaddressed. God’s love and wisdom are complete. 
Turning Points In Spiritual Growth
The following healing changed the way I pray.
How I Found Christian Science
For as far back as I can remember, I have always felt God’s presence.
My sister and I were at my Grammy and Grampy’s house while my mom was out shopping.
Testimony of Healing

No more foot pain

Over a period of several months my feet ached, on and off, for no particular reason.
Testimony of Healing
For two weeks I was feeling weak and not wanting to do anything.
Testimony of Healing

Humility heals itchy rash

One morning I woke up to find a rash covering my entire body, including my face.

Always home

God’s love is with us, empowering us to awaken from any thoughts that would veil the true view of how loved, worthy, and capable we are. 
Bible Lens

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