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From the readers

[Michael Pabst, “Discovering your essential place in God’s creation,” JSH-Online.
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Why ...?
As a staff editor for The Christian Science Journal and Christian Science Sentinel, I regularly have the privilege of reading submissions to these magazines from authors all over the world who have experienced healing through prayer, including the healing of conditions deemed incurable or hopeless by medical physicians.

Freedom and reality

Over and over, through the countless people he healed, Christ Jesus proved our inherent freedom as children of God.

‘No want shall turn me back’

God, as infinite good, is fully able to meet our every need.

See potential in every child

We are the beloved spiritual children of God.
As we sincerely seek God’s guidance, our desires are purified.
How I Found Christian Science
I was brought up in a belief system that said that I was a sinner from birth and that I was flawed.
For Kids
My cowgirl boots were too tight! I tugged.
Testimony of Healing

Healing of a boil

In 2014, I felt some itching on one of my toes.
Testimony of Healing
For the last eight years, spiritual growth has been a big part of my regular extended visits to Panama.
Testimony of Healing
Being brought up in Christian Science was the greatest gift, though there were times when I didn’t fully appreciate it.

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The reason for existing

Expressing a love that isn’t just unselfish but is also unhampered by a mistaken personal sense of identity leads us to the real nature of humanity.
Bible Lens

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