Healing inspiration from ‘The Way’

I would like to express gratitude for all the ways in which Mary Baker Eddy’s timeless writings counsel us continually. Many times throughout my life I have been amazed at how her exact words seemed written just for me—and have brought about healings of hardness in my thought—because they revealed to me exactly what needed to be uncovered. I’ll share one such experience that was a turning point for me a couple of years ago.

I became aware of a situation that I thought was not right. I was quite unsettled about the whole thing and could not find peace. I was feeling self-righteous and upset that my ideas were not being taken into consideration as part of a solution. In the midst of my agonizing over this situation, one afternoon an angel message came to me clearly: Read “The Way.” I had studied this article by Mary Baker Eddy in her Miscellaneous Writings 1883–1896 (see pp. 355–359) many times in recent years, and it had prompted considerable growth and healing. 

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‘Thank you, God!’
June 4, 2018

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