The pressure we want

Feeling pressured is usually thought of as undesirable. Keeping up with the demands of normal life is challenging for many, and much more serious for those trying to escape desperate conditions. But there’s a different kind of pressure that everyone deserves to feel—one that lifts up rather than pulls down.

Christ Jesus and St. Paul were luminaries who lived under a pressure that actually gave them more confidence, strength, and joy. They faced huge demands, dangerous threats, and weariness. Crowds pressed on them for help. Some who could have supported them in their work didn’t. Corrupt powers tried to stop them from teaching spiritual ideas that freed people from oppression. Jesus struggled under the weight of materialism’s resistance to the supremacy of Spirit he taught. Paul struggled to not only spread Christ’s teaching but also keep it pure, often feeling frustrated and burdened in the face of failures and divisions.  

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October 29, 2018

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