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From the readers

Thank you so much to Robin Hoagland for an outstandingly inspiring editorial.
On the web: The following JSH-Online.
Self-centered human will, human policy, and human actions never lead to God-inspired solutions.

The gift of ageless living

How freeing it is to know that Life—a synonym for God—is not circumscribed by a mortal timeline.
When thoughts of sorrow touched my heart, Psalm 23 filled me with joy.
With spiritual authority and fearlessness, Jesus proved God’s, Truth’s, law of harmony as supreme.
For Kids
Do you ever walk to school?
Testimony of Healing
A couple of years ago, early in the year I noticed an ugly skin condition on my arms and legs.
Testimony of Healing
There is no doubt in my mind that the truth spoken in services held in Churches of Christ, Scientist, is very powerful.
Testimony of Healing
“I propose to fight it out on this line, if it takes all summer.
Image and Inspiration

'My voice shalt thou hear in the morning ...'


The pressure we want

Divine Love calls us to see that we’re inseparably yoked to limitless ability and good. 
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