Faith that ‘moves mountains’

One morning as I was driving near my home, I noticed an unusual cloud. It was very dark, almost black, and rose up in front of me through a blanket of white mist, in the shape of a small mountain. It looked so solid that if I hadn’t been familiar with the road, I might have been tempted to believe that there really was an insurmountable mountain blocking the way ahead.

I had to smile. Just imagine if I had been taken in by the apparent reality of this image! It would have become a barrier to my progress, and I would have had to find a way to navigate around it. I would have backtracked or gone out of my way before rejoining the right road. I would have made such hard work for myself and might have lost my way completely—all for the sake of an insubstantial cloud.

Not marked by birth
July 24, 2017

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