The Mind that heals

We hear a lot of opinions and fears regarding the mortality of men and women and their vulnerability to disease, injury, injustice, or lack. And whether or not we buy into all these beliefs, we still might hear ourselves, audibly or maybe just mentally, repeating some of them.

Thoughts like these masquerade as our own personal thoughts and suggest that we are separated from God’s goodness. But such thoughts could never come from God, the infinitely good divine Mind. They are the suggestions of mortal mind, or what the Bible terms the carnal mind—the counterfeit of divine Mind. Christian Science Discoverer Mary Baker Eddy talks about it as a solecism, or grammatical mistake: “Mortal mind is a solecism in language, and involves an improper use of the word mind. As Mind is immortal, the phrase mortal mind implies something untrue and therefore unreal; and as the phrase is used in teaching Christian Science, it is meant to designate that which has no real existence” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 114).

How I Found Christian Science
Untold blessings from Christian Science
October 2, 2017

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