Symptoms of illness disappear

While I was living in Nicaragua for a time, cases of a mosquito-borne disease I had never heard of began springing up. From the first time I heard it mentioned, I held my thought to the fact that diseases don’t originate in God, and therefore they don’t have any actual reality or power, because God is the only power.

Over time, the disease seemed to gain more and more public attention. Not only was it in the news, where the number of newly reported cases was made public, but it was also on signs and notices that began to appear in public places. I worked to keep my thought separate from every mention of the disease and the fear that surrounded it, but I heard enough about the issue from people I was working with that I became aware of the main symptoms. Even still, nothing managed to convince me that the disease was something with true substance or power.

Testimony of Healing
Injury healed and full hearing restored
April 4, 2016

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