Assurance and encouragement from testimonies

Testimonies of healing are vitally important. Whether shared at a Wednesday church meeting or in our weekly and monthly periodicals, each healing brought about through the practice of Christian Science demonstrates that God, Spirit, is supreme. These testimonies—or proofs of God’s goodness—can be very helpful to others. More often than not, a testimony illustrates how fear has been eliminated and replaced with an abiding conviction in divine Love’s tender, constant care for man. 

There was a time many years ago when, after a sports injury that left me flat on my back for several weeks, the testimonies of healing in the Christian Science periodicals brought great comfort and encouragement to me. I knew I had to understand and prove the healing law of God myself, and for a time I had treatment from a Christian Science practitioner. But in the middle of the night or when fear tried to overwhelm my thought, the testimonies I read were like buoys in the thick fog, encouraging me, bringing me comfort, and standing as proof that there is a demonstrable Principle of Christian healing. And so there was. 

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Wait patiently for divine Love to move
August 17, 2015

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