Christ-healing: natural evidence of divine law

Most individuals have yearned for healing at some time. It may have been a need for curing a physical difficulty, restoring a shattered relationship, removing an unyielding grief, or allaying the threat of poverty. Too often, though, it’s believed that in such cases comfort is all that can be expected. The possibility of healing as a restoration to health, a return to harmony, a new view of our spiritual identity, seems too great an expectation—such healing is even thought of as a miracle, something that happens when natural law is set aside.

Yet the Scriptures assert that the very presence of God heals our wounds, supplies our needs, restores health and joy. Accepting this fact brings hope to the heart. As we ponder the innumerable evidences of healing in the Bible, we learn that God, the loving creator, does not set aside His laws in order to restore health, harmony, unfailing joy; rather, those very laws, eternally in operation, bring what we call healing—that is, the revealing of man’s spiritual identity now and always.

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April 20, 2015

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