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I loved the last paragraph in “Facing the foe with courage” [Marie Fox, March 23, 2015, Sentinel]: “Divine Mind supports us as we face down any fearsome suggestion.
The Christian Science Journal

Already complete

What God includes, man includes as His reflection.

Love even that neighbor?

Harmony is already present because God—divine Truth and Love—is ever present.

Forever safe in God

Throughout the Bible, there are assurances and proofs of our inseparability from God and His help.
The Christian Science nurse is alert, clear in her thinking to separate the problem from the person.
Primary Class Instruction
Shortly after having Primary class instruction in Christian Science, I visited a friend for lunch.

Love conquers hate

I’m learning how important it is to follow Jesus’ example. 
Bible Lens
Testimony of Healing
Recently I had an experience that illustrated to me Mary Baker Eddy’s statement, “Love is the liberator”.
Testimony of Healing
On the Sunday before Thanksgiving I started feeling pain in my gums and my teeth.
Testimony of Healing

Our son’s swift healing

Many years ago, when our son was about 15 months old, I took him to visit a friend and some relatives out of town.
Articles (Continued)

The integrity of home

Obviously, a physical shelter doesn’t make a home. Qualities do, qualities like joy and freedom and understanding. 
Guest Editorial

Christ-healing: natural evidence of divine law

The Scriptures assert that the very presence of God heals our wounds, supplies our needs, restores health and joy. 

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