A church centered on healing

Christian Science found me. Many years ago, beginning life on my own after college, I started exploring the paranormal, which includes theosophy, astrology, and numerology. Christian Science of course has nothing to do with any of these, but at a theosophy gathering, a neighbor briefly talked to me about her son, who happened to be a Christian Scientist. She said she was grateful that Christian Science had healed him when he’d been seriously injured in a car accident. What she was telling me piqued my interest, but because this woman was not a student of Christian Science herself, she talked no further about her son’s healing or the religion.

That was my first time hearing about a religion dedicated to healing. I’d been raised in a religious home, but had grown up thinking that Sunday worship was not enough for me. I wanted daily spiritual guidance and a deep understanding of the Bible and God. And unbeknownst to my neighbor, her mention of Christian Science had planted a seed. 

All is well
March 2, 2015

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