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Marilyn Baum’s article, “The unfolding comfort, care, and direction of Love,” in the February 2, 2015, Sentinel encouraged me to magnify some of the comfort and guidance that Christian Science has given me while passing through a similar experience of starting a new life after a long, happy marriage.
Christian Science Sentinel—Audio Podcast

The healing touch of Love

Each of us has an infinite, ever-available supply of love.

Acknowledging present good at hand

Is that the kind of waiting we’re doing—waiting for someone else to act, studying the odds, accepting limited prospects?
I’d learned in class instruction that the best response to a problem is to pray for myself.
Image and Inspiration

That Truth gives promise of a dawn

Calm morning in the mountains of North Carolina
How I Found Christian Science
Christian Science found me.

All is well

One evening I was cutting a bottle for a project.
Bible Lens
Testimony of Healing

Injured hip mended

Many years ago, my mother fell and injured her hip while in a nursing home.
Testimony of Healing
One night a few years ago, I woke up unable to breathe.
Testimony of Healing

My spiritual journey to healing

Several years ago, before I began to study Christian Science and during a medical checkup, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.
Still Fresh and Healing Today
We must be alert to the false suggestion that spiritual intuition is not adequate to solve a problem.

The greater works

It seems vitally important to look beyond the individual salvation the Comforter offers and recognize that the collective salvation of the world is also at hand. 

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