A God-directed career

This past year I enjoyed dancing as a trainee at a ballet company in Oregon. Much like an intern, a trainee is given the experience of working with a professional company as a student. I felt like I was able to grow and that I was valued as a dancer, but when it came time to be evaluated for a company position for the following season, the director didn’t make it clear that she had a place for me. This really stung. How could I have gotten this far, on the brink of professionalism, and not make it? What was I going to do if I didn’t get hired? I had worked most of my life toward a career in ballet, and because this particular director had previously expressed interest in me, I hadn’t prepared auditions for any other companies.

I began to panic. After two months of not hearing any confirmation, I began to let doubt and anger get the better of me. I had been praying about my career before the evaluation; therefore, everything was supposed to go smoothly. Clearly, I needed to change my thought! The trainees were preparing for a performance at the end of the month. I knew that I needed to have a handle on this situation mentally before the performance. 

Testimony of Healing
No ‘waiting’ for a healing
December 8, 2014

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