[“A spiritual approach to women and children in the family,” June 4 Sentinel audio chat with Bosede Bakarey]

Though now a regular reader on JSH-Online.com, I am so grateful today, whilst seeking help on a “family” challenge, to come across this chat for the first time. And especially to hear the unblemished truth of our spiritual identity and “oneness” expressed so clearly by the new President of The Mother Church. No matter what the topic or question, her answers always brought us right back to the simple fundamental “root” of all healing, (i.e. to give up personal or human sense and to “spiritualize thought”; to adjust and renew our concepts/ideas of ourselves and others; and to truly see/accept the Christ (power) of love within everyone, equally and unconditionally. … My thanks to Bosede Bakarey and Rosalie Dunbar—and all involved in this wonderful online outreach. 

Defusing the bombs
July 15, 2013

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