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[“A spiritual approach to women and children in the family,” June 4 Sentinel audio chat with Bosede Bakarey]

Defusing the bombs

Mary Baker Eddy recognized the erring, worldly belief that there could be an opposing power to the one omnipotent God.
Just as darkness cannot hide in light, so sin cannot hide in the light of Christ, Truth.

Rejecting snake-talk

We have divine authority for rejecting any insinuations of evil.
What I had been thinking of as a "physical condition" was in fact no more physical than the fear.

I found my joy again

Anger, self-pity, and insecurity were not conducive to finding a sense of peace and comfort—and I knew that was what I really needed.
Spiritual Lens

Knowing what to do

To know, is not so muchto think as to be still.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Life-preserving faith

“Preserve me, O God: for in thee do I put my trust”.
Bible Translations: Old & New

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Reading the Bible is so easy nowadays.

'Let God do the work'

I was not happy for any selfish reason, but because our team had been really working together.
Testimony of Healing

The 'beauty of holiness'

After listening for about a year to the online Wednesday afternoon testimony service from The Mother Church, it occurred to me that it would be well not to merely sit back and enjoy all the good readings and testimonies, but to take active part.
Testimony of Healing

Facial growth disappears

In the spring of 2011, when I lived in Switzerland, I noticed a red spot on my left cheek.
Testimony of Healing

Eye exam overruled

After a regularly scheduled eye exam for my driver’s license, I was shocked to hear I had not passed.
Testimony of Healing

Complete restoration

Last summer, I experienced what seemed to be a stroke, although it was never diagnosed.
From the Editors

Remembering Ramadan

Divine Truth, which speaks—and keeps speaking—to every heart, is able to open the eyes of the blind.

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