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[“Treat yourself,” Doris Edington, March 11, 2013, issue]
I am increasingly unwilling to stand by when confronted with the appearance of inharmony, suffering, or pain.
I needed to see that my daughter and I were both the beloved children of our mutual Mother, God.

When listening replaced lists

All my fears about time and organization ended.

Fit the puzzle

Have you ever tried to force a puzzle piece into a picture and it didn’t fit?
The simple thought that “God is Love” kept this writer safe.
Spiritual Lens

Natural concord

Asilomar State Park, Monterey Peninsula, California
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson

Spiritual reasoning

Spiritual reasoning is of prime importance in Christian Science.
Bible Translations: Old & New

Digging deeper

My favorite translations of the Bible.

Crashing stereotypes

Their kindness was a merited rebuke, and one that made me buckle down and pray.
Testimony of Healing

Headaches gone

People who are unfamiliar with Christian Science sometimes wonder how it applies to pain.
Testimony of Healing

Healed of dysentery

A number of years ago, I worked in the American Consulate in Alexandria, Egypt.
Testimony of Healing

Damaged foot mended

Shortly out of college, I was involved in an automobile accident in which my foot was crushed.
Testimony of Healing

No more crippling pain

Up until a few years ago, thoughts of age had always been foreign to me.
Doesn’t everyone naturally yearn to know the basic truth that life really is eternal?

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