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Sentinel writers and editors are devoted students of the Bible, and every issue of the Sentinel reveals new insights into the Scriptures.

No room for envy

It’s possible to learn helpful lessons from several Bible stories about people who were consumed with envy.
Mary Baker Eddy established a unique system for “self-instruction in Christian Science” through the Bible and her book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.

More than enough

A metaphysical perspective reveals the mistake in a "more or less" model.

I'm included

No one needs to feel left out when a healing is shared.


I’ve gotta.

Where's Waldo?

Can you find a useful lesson on prayer in the children's book, Where's Waldo?

A lesson from Denali

How mountains can inspire a higher understanding of God.
The Bible inspires prayer about finances.
Humor often speeds understanding of a lesson by pointing out the ridiculous nature of a mistaken belief, and I had a healing a while ago that came through laughing at the ridiculous.

'Rise up and walk'

Followers of Jesus can confidently persevere in their healing work.

Spiritual subtexts in writing fiction

A conversation with novelist Susan Vreeland.

On the road again

She was nervous about driving, until inspiration melted the fear.

Truth detector

This teen prayed when she faced an airport pat-down.

The pecan tree

What can be learned from a harvest of pecans? Read and find out!
You Can Be a Healer

The power of the testimony

Testimonies of healing are everywhere! And they are central to Christian Science.
Sentinel Watch
We can prayerfully insist that God's ever-present love will awaken thought to the brotherhood of man.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson
We can make the body less significant in our lives as God becomes more present in our experience.
Church Alive
The tasks do not and cannot detract from our healing mission.
Items of Interest

Committed to Christian hope

The Faith & Order Commission   of the National Council of Churches launched its new 2012–2015 Quadrennial project in Boston March 15–17.
Items of Interest
Churches suffered from plummeting donations after the recession began in 2008.
Testimony of Healing

Daughter's eye healed

As long as I can remember I have kept a daily journal in which I write down my inspirational thoughts and ideas.
Testimony of Healing
Over a period of two years, I fell several times, repeatedly injuring my left knee.
Testimony of Healing
Christian Science was not easy for me to understand when I first started studying it, but I witnessed numerous healings when I married a man from my home country of Nigeria.
From the Editors
We hear about health-care breakthroughs all the time.

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