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I just read cover to cover the new Sentinel, March 19, “Finding home.

Easter hunt

Much like the evergreen trees and twinkly lights that are ubiquitous during Christmastime, eggs, baby bunnies, and vernal scenes pop up everywhere during the Easter season.
Items of Interest

Faith on the field

Gary Brackett’s life reads like a movie.
Items of Interest
Hanover, NH.

When you find out

What if you discovered something today that turned everything in your life upside down?

The joy of Easter morn awaits you

Nothing could convince her that her husband's life was over.

Forsaken by God?

Praying with the 22nd Psalm brought release from sorrow.
Was it really so important that he face down the oppositionWhen no one appreciated what he’d done so far?

Rays of comfort

Life never ends. A message we can cling to in times of grief.

Safe and sound

Many years ago, I had a job that required traveling and living in one place temporarily for approximately six months.

The love God has for you

A spiritual insight into God's love provides protection.
Basketball rules are helpful analogies for this teen's prayers.
Your Daily Lift

A snowboarding parable

Being out on the slopes, I’ve been thinking a lot about parables.
How I Found Christian Science

'You've come home'

Finally, I literally got to stand before others and proclaim what I had always know to be true about Jesus!

Love in lavender

My study of Christian Science has inspired me to link all good to God—and one day last year, I had tangible proof of God’s goodness, care, and love.
Church Alive
Praying for Church, and those who hold church positions, was really praying to acknowledge the "structure of Truth and Love" in action.
Little children love Easter.
Sentinel Watch
What has helped me is an old maxim that God can be served only with joy.
In the Christian Science Bible Lesson
What does Jesus teach us of reality as this week nears its climax?
Testimony of Healing
Last autumn, my wife, sister, and I were in St.
Testimony of Healing

Healed of smoking addiction

For 20 years, I suffered because of a smoking addiction.
Testimony of Healing

Healing of hearing condition

In one of my ears there was a loss of hearing and a ringing sound.
From the Editors

Keeping a good watch

Watch all the ways the Christ presents itself to us in every thought and action.

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