'Spiritual fitness' and suicide prevention

A common thread found in the maze of mental health issues is the need for communication. Health workers and individuals who have lost loved ones who’ve committed suicide recognize this as a key. People need each other. Not just the ill, but also the carer needs care, and the parent needs mothering … .

It’s encouraging to read accounts of journeys out of darkness. Individuals talk about feeling a strong sense of love in many cases. And love is an innate spiritual quality. Could spiritual fitness, so to speak, be requisite for health—for the sufferer and the carer? …

Sometimes the simplest giving can be the hardest, if we are afraid. Fear of being pulled into relationships that are time- and energy-sinks. Fear that we’ll be asked to get involved. Afraid that we are clueless about how to help.

Testimony of Healing
'Undisturbed' and healed after an election
October 29, 2012

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