Snowed in – and safe

In the middle of our thirty acres, our family had built a basement for our new house, put a temporary flat roof on it and planned to live in it for a year before completion of the house. There were steps down into the basement and small windows at ground level. That first winter we experienced a blizzard with record breaking snowfall. This made our temporary cozy home a cold, underground, and frightening prison.

A few days before the storm I was in the one-room post office in town getting my mail when the clerk asked if I’d heard that a snow storm might be coming. She was concerned since my husband at that time had gone out of state to work for a few weeks and I was alone with the children so far from town without a phone. (This was in the days before cellphones!) I told her we were just fine and not to worry. But after the snowstorm, I was very worried.

Keep the change
January 9, 2012

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