I just read Virginia Stopfel’s article, “Who were Elizabeth and Mary?” [“Kids” Sentinel, November 28]. What a thought-provoking article. Not only did it discuss the wonderful friendship between Mary and Elizabeth, but the awe they shared together when they discovered that they were each going to have a baby; one would be Jesus, one would be John the Baptist. I couldn’t wait to read the next line. It’s such a clear, engaging, article, filled with spiritual insight and light. It includes culture, history, Christianity, family, topography, and more. Children are going to love it—adults, too! The accompanying questions are outstanding. It’s such a fine depiction of the birth of the greatest man that has “ever trod the globe,” as Mary Baker Eddy says, and the man who helped open the way for Jesus to begin and expand his unsurpassable life’s work. 

Susan S. Collins New York, New York, US

A pledge for healing answers
January 9, 2012

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