Computers that watch, and the ever-watchful God

The next big wave of computer technology is now arriving. It involves harnessing a computer to a camera that not only sees but reasons about what it sees. What it’s most interested in seeing, and in “reading,” is human behavior. This technology might, for instance, read a person’s reaction to a product by closely scrutinizing his or her facial muscles. It might then compare that response to the responses of others (see “Computers That See You and Keep Watch Over You,” The New York Times, January 1, 2011).

These devices appear to have a future in retail marketing, law enforcement, national security, and much more. The most personal applications may be in health care. Vision computers could monitor a patient at a digital glance, assessing vital signs and reading the heart rate in the individual’s face. This service inevitably comes with privacy concerns, as ever larger amounts of the most personal data stream into cyberspace. 

Could those concerns nudge thoughtful observers toward knowing better the all-seeing God? The Bible reveals His nature. It says that He is an ever-watchful Shepherd who cares for the safety of every lamb in His flock. Also, that He is the all-knowing Father who understandingly meets the needs and quiets the fears of each cherished child. The Great Physician who binds up wounds, and restores wholeness. 

In the Christian Science Bible Lesson
Choose the reality of omnipotent God
March 21, 2011

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