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My Snowmobiling Adventure

My family and I went to Park City, Utah. We were going snowmobiling. While we were waiting for our helmets and for other people to get off the snowmobiles. I was petting a dog. He belonged to the people running the snowmobile place. I was petting him on the head, and there was a little sore spot I didn't know was there. He started growling. All of a sudden the dog bit me near my eye.

I started crying. But I knew God was with me, so I prayed. I remembered this helpful thought that I sometimes pray with: "There is no spot where God is not." I learned in Christian Science Sunday School that God is Principle. That's my favorite name for God. And that means that wherever I am—on the playground, at school, anywhere—God will never leave me. I'm safe because I'm a spiritual idea of God.

My mom prayed for me, too. I stopped crying. I knew the dog wasn't trying to be mean. He was wanting to feel safe. And God made the dog good, too! I told my parents that I knew God would never let our fun be ruined.

February 2, 2009

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