SOMETIMES THE CONSTANT NEWS REPORTS streaming into our lives can feel like Pandora's box, laying out for consideration any number of causes for anxiety, personal or global. Story after story emphasizes our role as physical beings, in a surreal, often predatory environment. People are left wondering how anyone could ever find a way through such tangled webs of personal and social upheaval. Perhaps the best word to describe this is despair.

For many, despair is a very real emotion—brought about by another car bomb in Baghdad, innocent bystanders killed in a local mall shooting, rising floodwaters, a house in foreclosure. And sometimes despair finds its way into the smaller corners of life through irritation and emotional distress. This lack of hope can easily catch a person off guard, so that they momentarily lose sight of the fact that there is a way out. But the Sentinel's message, which has its roots in the Bible, is that God's way provides an instantly effective path to progress and healing.

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April 28, 2008

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