I am so grateful for the timeliness and immediacy that the Sentinel expresses. It meets the concerns of today's society and also is applicable to my own recent experiences with work and family. The April 25 issue on "Your God-driven purpose" is a perfect example. It illuminated with helpful spiritual perspectives the current media events of the Terri Schiavo case and the Ashley Smith experience in both its articles and editorials.

In relation to my own personal experiences, Lyle Young's book review of When Jesus came to Harvard: Making Moral Choices Today by Harvey Cox complemented ideas shared in a recent, lengthy conversation with a family member who has claimed to be an agnostic and practices a high degree of ethical values. That conversation had been an unexpected, enjoyable experience for the both of us. Cox's view of Jesus as being a "compelling person across the board" provided more evidence of how religious and noreligious people can meet on common ground.

The walk worth taking
June 13, 2005

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