Originally published in El Heraldo de la Christian Science

I'm very grateful to have grown in trust and faith in God during difficult moments in my life. One of those moments was when Marcelo, one of my sons, was injured. He was in a karate class practicing different moves when he jumped, pivoted, and fell, landing badly on a foot. He felt severe pain and was immediately taken to a medical clinic where X-rays were taken from different angles to ascertain the gravity of the injury. The doctor's diagnosis was that he had broken his ankle and should undergo surgery, have the broken bone set, and wear a cast for three months.

I remember that Marcelo did not want to have any of this done. He very calmly asked me to please take him home. He was 15 at the time, and I wanted to respect his decision. I asked Marcelo if he was willing to have Christian Science treatment, because he did need proper care—whether doctors set the ankle, or it was treated through prayer. He answered that he wanted to rely on prayer. Marcelo had been learning about God and about his relationship with Him in Sunday School, and he said he trusted God to do the healing work. We were grateful that soon after Marcelo arrived at the clinic, he was no longer in pain and he did not need any sedatives.

March 7, 2005

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