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From the Editors
"That's it!" I said to myself as I finished reading this Kids' Sentinel.

Bounce, flip, and soar!

WHY do gymnasts beam when they "stick" a landing?


It's my twelfth double twist,and I've yet to stick one.
THIS summer, some kids at day camp, on the island of Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts, wrote a song about how to be kind to one another and to the environment.
What would YOU do?

what would you do?

At school, I had been having trouble with some friends on the playground.

The case of the TV trouble

MOM WAS AWAY, and I was in charge.
Joseph in his "coat of many colors.

School Stories

We live on a farm in Shakaskraal on the southeast coast of South Africa.

Like a pearl

Some of you wrote to tell us you enjoyed the article in the March 29, 2004, kids' Sentinel by poet Lyn Hoopes.
Testimony of Healing

Toothache healed

I had a tooth coming in, and one day after sports it started to hurt very badly.
Testimony of Healing
One Monday, when I was running with my friends in the schoolyard, I twisted my ankle.
The faith these six women had in God led them on a path of blessings for themselves and others.
Testimony of Healing
We had a potluck party at our house.
Testimony of Healing

When I went to camp

I love to go to summer camp.
Testimony of Healing

The cut was gone

Testimony of Healing

I love playing football

Kids around the globe

A letter from Colombia

HI MY NAME IS CHRISTIAN, and I live in the country of Colombia, which is in South America.

The story of Esther

QUEEN ESTHER prepared her message to Mordecai carefully.


MOST OF THE TIME, the sun and the moon were happy because each had its own special time to shine upon the earth.

Things you've shared

In Sunday School I wrote a spiritual thought for each letter of the alphabet.

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