Stand firm—for everyone's sake

I am sure most of the cab drivers in Madrid are honest, but I got one who wasn't. He charged twice the legitimate fare from the airport to my hotel. By the time I checked with the concierge, he had taken off.

I smarted. Then I prayed—regaining my mental poise on the basis that no one can diminish my joy, because it comes from God. I felt some inner peace.

Then it struck me. I wasn't nearly as upset by the driver's dishonesty as I was by my own weakness in caving in to his manipulations—which had been quite transparent. I even felt I had done him a disservice by playing a part in allowing his lessthan-honest-instincts to govern his actions. Instead, I could have taken a stand for seeing some sign of his real identity. The identity God gave to him.

Testimony of Healing
Baby's broken leg quickly healed
October 21, 2002

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