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"Spirituality of all kinds , not just organised religion, is starting to command the attention of UK doctors. 'Religion, spirituality and medicine are inextricably linked,' says Professor Steve Wright, whose classes in healing through therapeutic touch at St. Martin's College, Lancaster, have been attended by 5,000 doctors and nurses. 'Spirituality affects all of us. It's what gives your life meaning.'

"The link between spirit and body may be age-old, but as healing became a science, Western practitioners moved away from spirituality and religious faith. Now scientific studies correlating faith with good health are starting to convert a skeptical medical community.

"It's all part of a general revival of interest in spirituality. Three quarters of British people say they are aware of a spiritual dimension to their lives. Baby boomers are watching their parents—and themselves—getting older, and they are searching for depth and meaning.

We're learning how GOD cares for family
October 21, 2002

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