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I've finished reading the issue for December 4.
items of interest

items of interest

"Volunteers are everywhere!.

Getting well naturally

A Christian healer talks about how to think your way to wellness.
"Record babies" born completely naturally. It's not a tabloid tale. It really happened.

Look through, not at

When the author saw her parents' marriage saved through prayer, she learned something that would help her later on in life.

What did you expect?

After she found out the difference it could make, the author started going for greater expectations.

I wish I hadn't said that

When it comes to dealing effectively with other people, it's time to get your words' worth.

When God lets down His ladder

The rungs of this ladder are sort of—well, adjustable. That is, they reach you no matter how far down you think you've gone.

When Softwing flew the coop

What would you do if your pet bird flew away? Addie's family prayed. See what happened next!

Dear Sentinel

After our exams, we had sport activities to occupy the time we spent in school.
Testimony of Healing

A life transformed

I have not had the illness again—nor any other sickness.

Testimony of Healing

Thinking of God's nature

I first needed to understand that in God's care I had nothing to fear.

Testimony of Healing

Humility leads to freedom

I asked God to forgive me, and vowed to try to improve my attitude each day.

Testimony of Healing

Surgery canceled

I had always believed in God, but I had never thought of His power reaching me personally.


In the blessing business

What was I going to do with my life?
Convincing testimonies of healing in Christian Science are always welcome for publication.

Two on the water

Trusting a power higher than ourselves enables us to discern the very Principle, or law, that governs the whole universe.

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