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I Remember Coming Face-To-Face with racial prejudice as a teenager. I was having a conversation with a girl I had known for about a month. We had just seen a film together, one with a multiracial cast, and we were discussing the merits of the film. At some point during our conversation I mentioned something grossly stereotypical about Latinos. My friend interrupted, wanting to know where on earth I'd gotten that notion. At first I tried to justify what I had said, but soon realized that it was both a foolish notion and a foolish comment. I'd come face-to-face with my own ignorance.

I'm glad my friend didn't overlook what I said that evening for the sake of keeping peace. Her reaction was a needed wake-up call. We're unaware of the real worth and individuality of people if we go through life believing that we already know them as something other than who they really are.

February 7, 2000

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